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February 28, 2012 – Troy MI

ThermaLogix – A New Paradigm for Industrial Thermography Testing Solutions

X-Ray Industries, Inc. (Troy, MI) and Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc. (Ferndale, MI) announced today that they have jointly formed ThermaLogix, LLC, a new company that will provide turnkey thermography solutions for nondestructive inspection in the Aerospace, Defense and Energy markets. Initial inspection applications will include aircraft engine components, airframe composite structures and wind turbine components.

Thermography is a nondestructive testing method based on measurement of infrared thermal response of components, in order to assess their internal condition for quality assurance.  Founded in 1993, Thermal Wave Imaging is the acknowledged world-wide leader in the development of quantitative thermography systems for diverse applications in the military industrial sector. ThermaLogix will leverage Thermal Wave Imaging technologies by providing them on a fee for service basis, embedded in the customer’s value stream, with the required certified personnel, and Nadcap quality environment.  Thermal Wave Imaging Founder and President, Dr. Steven Shepard said, “Our technology is rapidly emerging from the research laboratories of our customers to their production processes. With ThermaLogix we will be able to help them accelerate this transition.” While thermographic inspection methods have gained considerable popularity in the last decade, the lack of certified personnel, and demanding Aerospace certifications needed to operate the technology in production, has been a barrier to rapid deployment in production applications. ThermaLogix seeks to resolve these issues.
For over 70 years X-Ray Industries has been a leader in the deployment of advanced Nondestructive Testing (NDT) technologies within the Aerospace and Energy industries. With its staff of over 200 certified NDT technicians within its XRI Testing and Technical Consulting units; its NDT Training Center; and its numerous Nadcap approved locations across the US, X-Ray is well positioned to support the certified labor and quality systems needs of ThermaLogix. X-Ray President Scott Thams said of the new venture, “We are looking forward to marrying our significant Aerospace inspection experience with the technology development team at Thermal Wave Imaging. Our customers will be well served by this union.”
The new company anticipates launching its first co-located facility for a large Aerospace engine component manufacturer in the second quarter of 2012 with follow on locations in the third and fourth quarters.

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